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#102 emelfm2-0.7.3-1.fc14: raise: Process /usr/bin/emelfm2 was killed by signal 6 main application 0.6.0 defect TomPh accepted 11/25/10
#112 Save configs when apply main application 0.7.5 defect TomPh new 03/31/12
#109 [feature request]: allow plugin actions to be assigned to hotkey plugin 0.7.5 enhancement TomPh new 04/22/11
#97 feature request: file notes main application enhancement TomPh accepted 04/06/10
#98 feature request: directory “get size” option in contextual menu main application 0.6.0 enhancement TomPh accepted 04/06/10
#108 [feature request]: Append action on file copy main application 0.7.5 enhancement TomPh new 04/22/11
#111 Embed terminal main application svn enhancement TomPh new 03/31/12
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