Ticket #94 (new defect)

Opened 2 months ago

0.7.0 Split errors — A comment open sequence (/*) appears within a comment …

Reported by: jaalto Owned by: TomPh
Priority: minor Component: main application
Version: 0.6.0 Severity: files mangler
Keywords: Cc:


The code gives following errors:

Splint 3.1.2 — 20 Feb 2009

src/config/e2_cache.c:845:67: Comment starts inside comment

A comment open sequence (/*) appears within a comment. This usually means an
earlier comment was not closed. (Use -nestcomment to inhibit warning)

src/config/e2_cache.c:909:65: Comment starts inside comment
src/dialogs/e2_date_filter_dialog.c:22:63: Comment starts inside comment
src/utils/e2_utf8.c:536:106: Comment starts inside comment
src/utils/e2_utf8.c:539:60: Comment starts inside comment
src/e2_fileview.h:98:12: Unrecognized identifier: PATH_MAX

Identifier used in code has not been declared. (Use -unrecog to inhibit

src/e2_fileview.h:147:18: Unrecognized identifier: NAME_MAX
src/e2_bookmark.c:99:11: Parse Error. (For help on parse errors, see splint

-help parseerrors.)

*** Cannot continue.

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