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    v22 v23  
    13301330 * Appending an ‘&’ to actions will cause emelFM to discard the output now 
    13311331 * Got rid of the “Capture Output” option for toolbars (since i made the above change) 
    1332  * Fixed a bug when renaming multiple files (ie [ escola de surf]) 
     1332 * Fixed a bug when renaming multiple files (ie [ relogio de ponto]) 
    13331333 * Fixed (hopefully) problems with config file conflicts when running more than one instance of emelFM 
    13341334 * Added View Plugin that calls the emelFM View function, this is useful for associating with a filetype for text files. 
    13361336== emelFM 0.8.2 == 
    13371337 * Fixed a crash when creating new file types. 
    1338  * Fixed bug in removing bookmarks (ie [ pré vestibular macaé]) 
     1338 * Fixed bug in removing bookmarks (ie [ lampadas]) 
    13391339 * Fixed bug that caused plugins to sometimes disable auto-refresh 
    13401340 * Added up/down buttons to pages in the config dialogs (you can still drag & drop, but buttons are more obvious) 
    13591359 * Added Scrollbar position configuration (Under Interface tab in config) and [|insurance price quotes] 
    13601360 * Enabled configuration of startup directory for left and right panes individually 
    1361  * Fixed “Copy to Clipboard” Crash for [ Unhas Decoradas] 
     1361 * Fixed “Copy to Clipboard” Crash for [ desentupidora] 
    13621362 * Fixed config dialog crash 
    13631363 * Replaced calls to gtk_grab_add/remove with set_sensitive calls 
    13741374 * Main Window buttons are now configurable 
    13751375 * Prefixing an action with an ‘su’ will open an xterm and su to root to 
    1376    execute that action for [ camisetas]. 
     1376   execute that action for [ acompanhantes]. 
    13771377 * File List and Output Text Fonts are now configurable 
    13781378 * Changed the behaviour for unknown extensions. Now you are prompted with 
    13941394== 0.7.0 == 
    13951395 * Added Fn Key configurability, You can configure them to perform system 
    1396    operations,[ desenvolvimento de sites],  
     1396   operations,[ otimização de sites],  
    13971397   or custom commands similair to “User Commands” 
    13981398 * Added “Find” Shortcut Ctrl+F (or ‘/’ if Vi Keys is on).