This document catalogues the changes made to emelFM and emelFM2 during their development to now. == emelFM2 0.9.1 18/2/2014 == * retain selection of renamed items * show updated filelist during multiple renames, moves, deletions etc * support filepath as a command-line argument (i.e. without – or — prefix) * some path-interpretation for relevant commandline options, allows relative paths etc * add -a commandline option, to load config data from a specified place after any data from the default location or as specified by a -c option. No data is saved to DIR * re-purpose -u commandline option * single ‘level’ for all items in plugin-actions menu * add config-page context-menu items to [un]load and un[menu] all listed plugins * user may choose text colour for output pane commands * add config option to show directory path in main-window title * add copy to output context menu * work around gtk 3.8, 3.10 deprecated objects & API (except threads setup) * extra make option WITH_SYSTEM_ICONS=1 to install default icons * unpack plugin supports .iso files – but only works for superuser * updated translations (except pl) * bugfixes * fix handle-position on vertical toolbars * fix position of toolbar-related menus on gtk3 * check encoding of all, not just initial, text in view dialog * correct cleanup after closing any ‘blocked’ dialog * revert 7za pack command * fix action-parameter parsing to support embedded ‘,’ == emelFM2 0.9.0 30/8/2013 == * add advanced-config option to enable pre-0.7.1-type auto-updating of dirline histories, disabled by default * (only with #define’d E2_SMALLSCREEN) add config option to hide toolbar in inactive pane, instead of changing appearance of active pane * add advanced-config option for date/time formatting in file-info dialog * add actions and corresponding default key/button-bindings to enable manual management of main-window combobox history (i.e. superseding hard-coded arrangements) * add default filetypes for 7zip archives (but no auto-update of current config data for these) * add support for .tar.7z, .t7z, .deb, .rpm in unpack plugin (but .deb, .rpm can’t be re-packed when finished) * build-time support for extensions-column in filelists (uncomment //#define E2_EXTCOL in emelfm2.h before building) * add plugin for ‘destroying’ selected items * work around deprecated glib/gtk objects & API (except threads setup for gtk>=3.6, which would prefer everything to effectively become single-threaded!) * update all translations * bugfixes * fix loading of plugins with children * fix crash sometimes when using backrefs in rename plugin * fix archive-type selection in unpack plugin * fix retrieval of color-strings from selector dialog on gtk3.4+ * don’t ignore length-limit setting for dirline combobox histories * fix processing of ‘;’-joined commands that also have “>>” prefix == emelFM2 0.8.2 21/12/2012 == * move cursor to start of buffer when opening text file to view or edit * build-time choice to support ANSII sequences for styling of output pane text, enabled by WITH_OUTPUTSTYLES=1 * add action file. for use in filelist context menu, to show system-defined applications or commands which apply to the focused item * support user-specified delimiter chars for use when autoselecting output pane text * add macros %o %O for getting output pane text * add command-line parameters -b, -o * enable multiple-selection for plugins to be added * replace more deprecated widgets for gtk3 * thumbnails plugin – conform to latest FDO spec for cache directory * bugfixes * make custom bindings for pointer devices work again * fix de-selection of focused item when refreshing filelists with filtering enabled * workaround idle-time styling crash for several dialogs, on gtk3 * fix installation when Makefile TARGET is not named emelfm2 * create absolute symlinks where glibc behaves unexpectedly on relative ones == emelFM2 0.8.1 20/4/2012 == * added default filetype for xz archives * added skeleton ebuild file * more-tolerant file-copying when ACL plugin is loaded * cleanup Makefile * remove invalid option for rm commands * build-time check for inclusion of dbus-glib things * extra explicit library links, for arch linux * documented WITH_GTK2 make-parameter in Makefile.config * updated translations de, fr, ja, ru, zh_CN * gtk3 fixes: * file view/edit sporadic crashes * output pane context menu * extension-sorting * bugfixes * added missing dialog-button mnemonic * fix default (change-time polling) filelist refreshing == emelFM2 0.8.0 16/6/2011 == * added make parameter WITH_GTK2, which if set to 1 will ensure that gtk3 build-infrastructure is ignored * more gtk3 workarounds == prerelease 2011-06-06 == * code adapted for (but not much tested with) gtk3 * support custom date/time format for filelists, in advanced config mode * added action pane.change, which implements cd for a specified pane, unlike cd command which always affects active pane * added make parameter WITH_GTK3, which if set to 1 will initiate a minimum-standard build for gtk3.0 instead of gtk2.6 * deprecated make parameter USE_LATEST, instead use WITH_LATEST * deprecated make parameter WITH_DEVKIT, instead use WITH_UDISKS * add chinese translation (thanks ccpaging) * updated ja, de, fr translations * bugfixes * fix DnD regression (crasher) * improve handling of keybindings * ignore XDG_* dirs which do not belong to the current user * make find plugin include- and exclude-permissions work properly * fix hang when emptying trash == emelFM2 0.7.5 4/2/2011 == * make debian-unofficial stuff work again (i.e. after renaming the dir to debian) * remove dnotify support (still in offcuts, if someone wants it, something can be worked out) * improve usability of glob plugin including select _additional_ items if pressed when proceeding * revamp auto-refresh mechanisms * udisks/devicekit-disks support (WITH_DEVKIT=1) uses glib API instead of libdbus-glib, for glib >= 2.26 * bugfixes * support opening dirs with ‘&’ in name * fix crash after entering a non-existent dir into a dirline * fix random crash when setting up dialogs * fix detection of tracker daemon in find plugin * fix hang sometimes when opening thumbnails plugin == emelFM2 0.7.4 28/11/2010 == * change Makefile default STATIC_THUMBLIB ?= 1 to WITH_THUMBLIB ?= 0 * change thumbnails plugin to optionally work with renamed library ‘libthumbs’, available from website OtherDownloads * support argument for file.du action, to specify file name/pattern instead of selected items * for gtk >= 2.20, show GtkSpinner in status bar when file operation is in progress * refine history-menu creation (no duplicates etc), operation (activation during hover), and cacheing (limited no. of dirs) * revised inotify backend for file-alteration-monitoring * conform to gtk 3.0 API where relevant * bugfixes * when using HAL/devkit/udisks, don’t display a filelist on an unmounted device * revised operation of pane. action * block emission of “activate” signals after combo change in ownership dialog * fix crash when cd’s repeated rapidly * fix bad setup of mkdir dialog for some users * fix setting group in ownership dialog for gtk >= 2.14 == emelFM2 0.7.3 17/6/2010 == * pack and unpack plugins support tar.xz archives * printing supports page-selection options of gtk’s print-dialog * file info dialog for a directory reports count and usage of contained items * updated translations (except ru) * bugfixes * conform pack-plugin button label * fix crash in config plugin * fix crash when entering just “/” in a dirline * fix (again) processing of dirs named like “X ~ Y” * block status-bar updates during filelist updates, and vice versa == emelFM2 0.7.2 03/03/2010 == * reinstated cacheing of session forward/back histories, optional and enabled by default * added action pane.clear_history which clears either or both forward/back histories * added to default filelist-context-menu a sub-menu showing the pane’s entire forward/back history * if built with E2_DEVKIT, it will work with UDisks if available, or else with DeviceKit-Disks if available * select-same plugin scrolls to show 1st selected, if any * select-same plugin has a 2nd action, enabling partial matching e.g. ‘pre-extension’, with some related config options * find plugin tab-labels show colored text when any content of the tab is non-default * updated translations * bugfixes * eliminate some incorrect mismatches by comparer plugin == emelFM2 0.7.1 21/12/2009 == * don’t always add activated-dirline content to the corresponding history * added action dirline.clear_history which removes current dirline string from the corresponding combo history * bugfixes * fix build with ASSIST * fix session-start divider positioning with horizontal panes on gtk 2.18 * fix crash when closing a tree-dialog that’s not yet populated * fix crash when attempting to open nested inaccessible dir * don’t always recurse when changing owner/group == emelFM2 0.7.0 19/11/2009 == * by default, build relevant parts of customised libgimpthumb directly into thumbnails plugin * automatically send commands containing “&&” to external shell * pop up corresponding history menu when pointer hovers over toolbar go-forward or go-back button * updated translations * bugfixes * several data-dependant dialogs close, instead of crash, when main-window is rebuilt == prerelease 2009-10-11 == * change default value for build option USE_LATEST to 1 * ‘un-menu’, instead of completely remove from config data, plugins that fail to initialise * action bookmark.add also accepts path string as argument * add action bookmark.delete which accepts path string as argument * keypress on mountpoints menu puts selected path into commandline * use statically-linked, customised, libgimpthumb for thumbnails plugin * bugfixes * fix [un]registration of plugin-specific config data * update devkit to match current API * update output-pane to reflect change(s) made in a config dialog == prerelease 2009-09-30 == * don’t display expanded wildcards in output-pane command strings * for gtk >= 2.18, also support theme-default setting for showing icons in dialog buttons and menu-items * add separate pages in config dialog for pane1/2 toolbar, conforming to style of existing pages for tasks bar, command bar * move a few pane1|2 options to pane1|2 pages, from elsewhere in config dialog * dirline combo histories record only the paths manually ‘activated’ in the corresponding entry (toobar forward/back menus still have all opened dirs) * enable activation of dirlines and commandline by a mouse double-click as well as press * cleanup processes for applying key/mouse bindings * cleanup toolbar [re]creation and resizing * eliminate usage of becoming-private (GSEAL’d) object-data where gtk currently allows * support extra make argument WITH_POLKIT (default 0) to make su-related operations use PolicyKit instead of su in an xterm * bugfixes * handle dirs named like “X ~ Y” without ~ interpretation * use fsync() intead of fdatasync() for BSD’s * more robust search/replace operation in view & edit dialogs * put ‘cleaned’ path strings into dirline histories * confirm bookmark path before attempting to open it * always update UI to reflect in-session changes of bookmarks == emelFM2 0.6.2 20/07/2009 == * tweak mutex-locking during dialogs setup * bugfixes * fix add/remove setuid & setgid flags in chmod action * make passwords entry activation in crypt plugin work again * don’t store in commands-history any string sent to a child process == emelFM2 0.6.1 13/07/2009 == * build-time support (WITH_DEVKIT=1) for auto [un]mounting using devicekit-disks instead of HAL * support importing of all toolbar items from the other toolbar, in config dialog * updated translations * bugfixes * don’t recursively apply chmod/chacl to dirs unless that option was selected * fix display of dialog-button toggled icons * fix auto-resizing of mkdir dialog == prerelease 2009-06-25 == * use libmagic directly, instead of indirectly via file(1), for file info, adds build-dependency on libmagic-devel * support extra make arguments: LIB_DIR (default PREFIX/lib) and STRIP (default ON) * support relative periods like “past 3 months” in date filter, glob plugin, find plugin * improved selection process when re-opening dirs * supply default gtk-discard icon in 20X20 png format, instead of svg * bugfixes * don’t crash when upgrading a config file older than 0.5.0 * make toolbar rest-menus and user-defined toolbar submenus work again * reduce latency during mkdir dialog name-input * fix thread-locking in permissions & ownership dialogs * don’t re-destroy various explicitly-closed dialogs * re-apply main-window key/mouse bindings in-session after config change == emelFM2 0.6.0 06/05/2009 == * updated pl translation * revised repack commands in unpack plugin == prerelease 2009-05-01 == * interpret variables in path provided to cd func * support runtime translation of bound keys for locales that don’t use latin alphabet and keyboard * added 2 plugins: select items selected in other pane, log + later-reselect selected items * do on-the-fly checks for non-ASCII filenames, deprecate build-option FILES_UTF8ONLY * file-operation dialogs remember their position between items * added config option to turn off sorting dirs before other items * added config options for size-clamping and corresponding size, to thumbs plugin * updated fr, de, ja, ru translations * bugfixes * fix interpretation of internal $VAR’s without surrounding whitespace used in commands or dir paths * don’t strip single leading $ when interpreting variables * change #include<> for gtkspell header * fix Makefile to build with DOCS_VERSION=1 * make [panes,output].adjust_ratio actions work as described in ACTIONS doc * make toolbar button mnemonics work again * suspend dialog-button mnemonics during keybinding configuration * fix menu+dialog-related freezes on gtk 2.16 * fix compression-lib detection in crypt plugin * make names-copy plugin work as documented, again * fix crash on showing menu from toolbar overflow-menu activation == emelFM2 0.5.1 17/2/2009 == * cleanup Makefile * add action filelist.select_type (effectively a simplified form of filelist.glob), with default panes-binding to d * extra filetype-checking for files that are marked as executable * revised operation of opened-dirs history * updated all translations * bugfixes * reduce CPU-load for refreshing progress bars in *bar plugins * fix sorting of 64-bit sizes, uid’s etc * smarter parsing of arbitrary combinations of single- and/or double-quotes in commands * fix expansion of $$ in commands * fix missing output from commands which end quickly * output listing of bound keys or buttons work properly again * rename plugin works again for multiple interactive renames * cursor-focus when re-opening a directory works properly again * toggle-button tooltips work properly again * work-around bad compilation of line-separator conversion for view/edit dialogs * replace selected text in dirlines when auto-completing == emelFM2 0.5.0 29/10/2008 == == prerelease 2008-10-23 == * support key-bindings for output-tabs and dialogs * revised default keybindings * build-time option (WITH_CUSTOMMOUSE=1) to support pointer-device bindings (buttons and gestures) * made all bindings context-sensitive (pre-empt any higher-level instance of same binding) * added actions which mimic formerly-hardcoded button-bindings: output.activate, output.focus * added extension-sort action pane.sortext * support interpretation of paths like ~dave * added macro %!… to perform command history expansion like !… in shells * updated fr, de, ja, ru translations * added pl translation * bugfixes * fix activation of output pane filetype-strings * honour the “external” configuration setting when viewing- or editing-again a file * fix crash after a lot of rapid cd’s == prerelease 2008-08-24 == * support > 1 pointer-device (for MPX) * keypress in a combobox entry displays all the history items * require with middle-button-click in dir entry to open a chooser dialog (so that standard click reverts to default = paste) * by default, include path for items processed via an “open-with” dialog * prefer xdg-mime(1) over file(1) to determine mime-type * if using HAL, auto-[un]mount removable volumes if OS/DE doesn’t do so * pack and unpack plugins support lzma compression * unpack plugin doesn’t need GNU flavour of tar utility * search plugin can select start-dir and can optionally search in linked dirs * upgrade security of files encrypted by crypt plugin * compression library to use in crypt plugin is now an advanced config option * adapt the former crypt plugin (see website OtherDownLoads page) to optionally (build-time choice) work in tinycrypt-compatible mode (requires minilzo code, also at OtherDownLoads) * add actions tab to the ‘about’ dialog * replace dialog-button labels OK, Yes, No with context-specific verbs and generally add more button tips * internal viewer and editor actions can open > 1 selected text-file at a time * add internal command ‘set’ to set/clear environment variables * cache internal $variables between sessions * updated cpbar and mvbar plugins, including real-time pausing * fully support info-files for trashed items * added search-in-trash to find plugin * added directory-chooser button to rename plugin * scrollbars-position option applies generally, not just to filelists * added %e %%e %E %%E macros – quoted pair are for convenience, same as corrosponding f/F macro. Unquoted pair escape embedded , ‘ and ” chars * bugfixes * fix leak and layout of icon-selection dialog using [ pos software] * reinstate archive-types in pack-plugin combobox * fix leaks, and make all options work, in crypt plugin * don’t assume all hidden files are text * fix freeze when ending session while action is still running * fix handling of r chars in output pane text * conform action-name styles: list.children > children.list, list.history > history.list, list.pending > pending.list, clear.pending > pending.clear, find.trash > trash.find, command.trashempty > trash.delete * hidden items can have any number of leading ‘.’ chars * dirline.focus_toggle action works properly with no argument * fix usage of internal $variables in entered commands * fix usage of any $variable at start of entered command * handle , ‘ and ” characters in file and directory names used in [%]%f, [%]%p macros == emelFM2 0.4.1 22/5/2008 == * add action toggle.fullscreen, bound by default to F11 * except for plain F12 (see above) swap default keybindings of F12 and mods with bindings of F11 and mods (but no corresponding automatic change to user config file) * tailor menu-position funcs to also work reasonably on small screen * use less-restrictive (not realtime) func for filesave-flushing in crypt dialog * clean up scrolling in config dialog * use iconviews for icon selection in config dialog * file info dialog shows mimetype and for text files, encoding (as reported by file(1)) * updated translations * bugfixes * use g_ form of some GNU-only string functions * apply correct include flags when building WITH_HAL * make detection of utf8 encoding for view, edit dialogs work again == emelFM2 0.4.0 1/4/2008 == * support case-insensitive file-type detection, automatically for items on case-insensitive file systems, or anywhere per config option * support copy/paste of tree data between toolbars in config dialog * make keypress cancel a keybinding change in config dialog * added actions to sort active-pane by a specified column, and default keybindings for name,size,modified column-sorts * added buildtime option WITH_HAL which enables some removable-device processes, requires development files for hal, dbus, dbus-glib * include more locales in encoding detection for view, edit dialogs * swap actions of and keys in combobox histories. to match displayed order (this applies to commandline too) * shorten filelist refresh interval when displayed dirs have few items * support commandline tab-completion of entered absolute or relative paths, regardless of $PATH * make thumbnail plugin size-clamping optional * updated all translations * bugfixes * use posix-compliant type-masks in find plugin * fix crash when closing find-plugin dialog while a search is in progress * when deleting or overwriting a link to a dir, do not delete the link’s target * ignore instruction to copy or move a dir into any of its own descendants * don’t ignore error conditions when reading a text file * make activation of ../ work in dirs which are children of root dir * apply current filter(s) to images shown by thumbnail plugin * make thumbnail plugin filetype commands always use correct item path * use correct toggle actions (were swapped) == patch 2007-12-01 == * don’t compress manpage during installation * bugfixes * prevent warning about use of un-initialised hooklist * eliminate UI freeze while find plugin is searching * better scrolling when viewing a file starting at a specified string in it * status line reports correct no. of items after deletion * in various contexts, force a filelist-refresh when only the default FAM is available == emelFM2 0.3.6 29/11/2007 == * updated de translation * reverted to default NEW_COMMAND=0 * bugfixes * update address-line string when opening trash dir * fix sporadic crash when when creating dialog with gdk-mutex open (e.g. when using unpack plugin) * fix sporadic UI freeze evident when using gtk 2.12 == prerelease 2007-11-13 == * updated find plugin, make some disabled features work, incorporate some aspects of tracker plugin, remove dependency on external find command * cleaned-up crypt plugin (still needs more testing) * updated default desktop-file categories * added build-time option (WITH_TRANSPARENCY=1) to enable window-translucence configuration (for gtk >= 2.12) * added build-time option (WITH_ASSIST=1) to enable atk assistive-technology but sofar it only allows setting filelist background color * more vfs infrastruture additions (not yet complete, or used) * updated “new” command execution code, and made NEW_COMMAND=1 the default configuration * updated fr translation * lots of cleanups * API doc additions * bugfixes * put crypt plugin & its icon in correct dirs * adjust some printf formats to suit 64-bit platforms * better handling of quotes when replacing some variables in entered commands * quoted directory paths allow inclusion of “;” etc * don’t expand “~” inside quotes in command arguments * fix environment variable names – XDG_CONFIG_HOME (for config files) and XDG_DATA_HOME (for trash) * fix freeze when using external encoding-converter to prepare text for view, edit dialogs * improved refresh-behaviour in thumbnailer plugin * fix recursive permissions-setting for directories == emelFM2 0.3.5 27/7/2007 == * rationalised operation of f and g in find and edit dialogs * made r in edit dialog treat selected text same way as f * added basic printing capability to view and edit dialogs (for gtk >= 2.10) * made tree dialog list dirs with hidden items using configured “positive color” * cleanup all code for recursive file operations * added plugin to [de]crypt files * added optional-build plugin to manage file access-control-lists (make with option WITH_ACL=1) * if acl-plugin is loaded, copying files and dirs preserves their acl’s (moving always does so) * licence version updated * updated translations * cleanups * bugfixes * always initialise filelist cursor position * added BSD-specific includes for statfs() * fix copying of RO directories from CD * made output-pane tabs DnD work properly (for gtk >= 2.10) * fixed false matches when recursively comparing directories * fixed info about links-to-links displayed in info-dialog * fixed identification of links to dirs, in filelists * fixed loading & unloading of multi-action plugins * made unpack plugin work again * don’t strip trailing “$” from commands * always handle any relative path provided in a command * fixed display of not-openable and hidden directories in tree dialogs * prevent move/rename/delete filesystem mountpoints * made [u]mount command-completion work again * made the mounts-menu handle spaces in mountpoint paths, and do background mounting * fixed UI freezes when trying to use internal editor or viewer on non-existent file == emelFM2 0.3.4 24/5/2007 == * handle “.” or “./” path in cd command (particularly for startup options) * added optional image thumbnailer plugin (make with option WITH_THUMBS=1) * made tracker plugin optional (make with option WITH_TRACKER=1) * cleaned up error handling, including enabling GError’s for vfs operations in place of errno * converted all relevant directory-scanning (e.g. recursive operations) to use functionality which supports timeout and virtual dirs * renamed debian directory in sourcecode tree to debian-unofficial * updated translations * bugfixes * fixed copying of links in “relative” mode * fixed detection of invalid links during some recursive functions * made -m startup option work again * made du plugin ignore sizes of virtual items e.g. in /proc, /sys * remove a loaded plugin when the corresponding row is deleted in a config dialog * fixed expansion of commandline paths with wildcard(s) in last path-element * fixed scrolling to top of filelist after some button-clicks * fixed crash when loading plugin without all the normal UI elements * fixed reporting on relative link-targets in file info dialog * fixed plugin filename storage in config dialog, when UTF8ONLY files in effect * handle any non-utf8 characters in Makefile strings which pass into UI messages == emelFM2 0.3.3 20/3/2007 == * changed long-form of startup option -l from –leave-alone to –log-all * replaced -n, –no-detach option by -m, –daemon option, with inverse effect * added whole-word option when searching in view/edit dialogs * added a default suggested command to open-with dialog, when 1st selected item is a recognised filetype * added capability to clear only the current string from any combobox’s history, bound to * changed binding of combobox whole-history clear from to * added filesystem directories tree dialog, and associated action ‘pane_active.tree’ and default keybinding F9 * updated translations * code cleanups * bugfixes * prevent zombie process after running a command * don’t strip trailing whitespace from command strings * fixed uninitialised variables when using NEW_COMMAND and in foreach plugin * fixed cached width of last-displayed column in filelist panes * fixed crash in file info dialog when file-length is 1 byte * fixed operation of comparison plugin when any compared item is not writeable * cleaned up search-UI in view and edit dialogs == emelFM2 0.3.2 18/1/2007 == * added context menu to file info dialog, to copy dialog info * added compile-time option to build replacement command execution code as in last pre-release (not suitable for linux 2.4 at least) * added config option (default on) to allow any running command(s) to continue past end of session * bugfixes * reverted default command-execution code to suit linux 2.4 * fixed “group” import and inter-version upgrades in config plugin * fixed compilation with gcc 3.2 * fixed crash after clicking any toggle-button when tooltips not enabled * fixed incremental searching with G in view/edit dialogs == prerelease 2006-12-22 == * support ISO8601 date format * support custom font for internal viewer and editor * directly use $XDG_CONFIG_HOME and $XDG_DATA_HOME, if they exist, for setting dirs * cleanup superseded code * added ru translation * bugfixes * fixed freezes in plugins & several other contexts when printing error message * fixed handling of any “~” in startup directory name * make unmounting and trash clearing work when cd’s are asynchronous * fixed unescaping of items beginning with “>” in cached lists * fixed hang when running apps which nest the same command-execution process * reinstated double-click activation of output-pane text * fixed minor typo in Makefile * fixed omission of last part of regex rename in rename plugin == emelFM2 0.3.1 22/11/2006 == * added 2nd action to cpbar plugin – file.cpbar_with_time * renamed actions: * pending.delete to clear.pending * bookmark. to bookmark. * children. to list.children * history. to list.history * mountpoints. to mountpoints. * pending. to list.pending * plugin. to plugin. * code cleanups * updated translations * bugfixes * made file.copy_with_time apply also to dirs * preserve item atime, mtime (except for symlinks) when moving between partitions * don’t prematurely unescape whitespace in commands * fixed regression on asynchronous directory-reading * made action list.pending work * made several config options effective when changed, instead of next session == emelFM2 0.3.0 31/10/2006 == * context menus also show “open” items when target has inappropriate X permission * removed hostname from DnD URI’s, intended to make drops acceptable to apps which don’t do compliant URI parsing * save-yourself when requested to do so by desktop-environment * if built for gtk 2.10+, DnD is enabled for output-pane tabs * updated text-find mechanism for internal editor and viewer * enabled internal editor’s redo capability * reworked unpack plugin to conform to asynchronous cd’s and added 7z and zoo formats * added 7z and zoo formats to pack plugin * added plugin to provide a GUI for tracker * updated translations * bugfixes * fixed activation of “../” item in filelists * improved processing of fuse-mounted directories, including read timeouts * fixed default external-encoding-converter command * after selection from a pane goto menu, adjust history-list pointer accordingly * fixed problems when “hide output pane if the command line is unfocused” option is in effect * added check for LC_ALL to use for config-file suffix == branch prerelease 2006-09-28 == * give user a choice to “open” any activated item which inappropriately has X permission * give user a choice to continue waiting when a queued action times out * give user a choice to terminate very slow reading of directory data (not yet working as robustly as we’d want) * other tweaks to accommodate peculiarities of some or all fuse-created directories * added advanced-config option to set the type of address-line auto-completion – none, full or selected (like thunar) * address-line auto-completion blocked when entered address is not “local” (e.g. a fuse-created dir) * last-used entries closest, instead of farthest, in command-line histories * reduced filelist context menu when nothing is selected * user-defined menus can be attached to toolbar button(s) (and such menus may also be used as a sub-menu to the filelist context-menu) * internal string variables can be set, used and shown by commands like A=B, A=, $A, =B, = * prepending >> to a joined (i.e. with “;”) command sends it all to the shell as one, instead of as separate components * %t macro provides a unique temp-directory path string (dir is not created though) * %c[i][,w] macro provides a decimal-count-string, optional value = i, optional min. length = w * in a %$prefix$ macro, the “prefix” string may include other macro(s) * rename plugin supports up to 4 independent counter macro(s) in replacement name pattern * reinstated support for [%]%f and [%]%p macros in commands entered via “open-with” dialog * mkdir dialog supports macro(s) in name entry, and Del history clearing * filelists autoscroll during DnD when mouse is near top or bottom of list * bugfixes * fixed handling of %F and %P in commands * removed trailing “/” from strings provided by %d and %D * fixed race when opening directory by filelist double-click * fixed race between normal filelist refresh and rebuild after reloading config file * made apply-to-all work when changing permissions * fixed copying of links in copied directories, when the link’s target is a dir * fixed handling of failed attempts to save config file * don’t ignore “relative symlinks” config option == emelFM2 0.2.0 26/8/2006 == * various small refinements of UI * revised approach to using external encoding converter for viewed/edited files * output context-menu shows filetype submenu when relevant * %{} macro can use a history-list * rename plugin allows case-change as well as content change * allow caching of runtime data for things (e.g. plugins) not present at session-end * inotify alteration monitor detects config file replacement * documentation updates * updated ja, de, fr translations * bugfixes * fix most causes of compiler warnings (all others checked ok) * fix build with FILES_UTF8ONLY * fix crash when changing item permissions * change item text color after changing X permission * make pane-to-pane DnD work again * don’t ignore toolbars’ “show tooltips” option setting * various other minor fixes == emelFM2 0.1.8 5/8/2006 == * pressing + when filelist context menu is initiated shows the plugins sub-menu * pressing when clicking a pane toolbar forward or back button shows a menu of directories * added man page (thanks Liviu), installed as /share/man/man1/emelfm2.1.bz2 * added action pending.delete to clear the tasks queue * filelist context menu shows actions specified in .desktop files where relevant * filelist context menu shows text commands for items with no extension where relevant * added config option to turn off session-end warning about running processes * updated rename plugin, including directory auto-completion and support for (= whole of matched name) in replacement name-pattern * added directory auto-completion to find plugin * support [%]%f and/or [%]%p in external viewer, editor, encoding converter commands * click on text in output pane opens the item named in that text, if possible * added item to output context-menu to do the same as the previous point * faster filelist refresh * updated de, fr translations * bugfixes * reinstated bookmark addition action * always warn about running processes when shutting down, if that option is enabled * fixed tab-completion of command strings * revised scrolling when re-opening a directory, to work around bad gtk behaviour * made extension-sorting work properly * don’t fail silently when viewing/editing a file without relevant permission * also hide items with a short name like “.a” * don’t ignore “command output” option setting == branch prerelease 2006-06-21 == * preferentially get config data from file with current locale appended to the filename * removed need to prepend ‘>’ for commands which include redirection * removed default alias to prepend ‘>’ for commands which include redirection * made operation of all selected-item tasks except: info, view, edit, open, open-with queued/asynchronous, with optional timeout * included incomplete file-actions in running-children listings * renamed action dialog.mkdir to command.mkdir * renamed action command.list_children to children. * added default keybinding F1 for command children. * added action pending. and binding F1 to show queued commands and actions * added action history. and binding F1 to show history of completed commands and actions * added action children. to insert (or prepend if pressed) into a command a menu-chosen child-pid, and made that the default for the commandbar “list children” button * added commandline keybinding Insert to do the same as the toolbar button in the previous item * added action file.copy_merge and binding F5 to copy selected item(s) without deleting any existing destination directory or its contents * added output context menu item to scroll to output from a specified child * clicking a filelist header with pressed sorts by extension (same as plugin) * removed default filelist keybinding for key – so gtk’s binding applies * itemnames or paths copied with the the names-clip plugin are separated by a newline char if is pressed when the plugin is activated * cache strings (as well as other options) in the find plugin * added history and cacheing of strings in rename plugin * name-suggester in mkdir dialog supports numbers padded with leading 0’s * applied filter-model to eliminate re-reading source-data when filtering or [un]hiding items in filelists * optimised linking (thanks Uwe Helm) * changed debian configuration files to suit binary in /bin * removed default focus on cancel button in config dialog – so press does not necessarily cancel the dialog * during config dialog string editing, press cancels the editing, not the dialog * enabled data pasting when there is no existing data in a pane in simple filetypes dialog * bugfixes * made output pane text display thread-safe (ignore the compiler-warnings arising from this) * fixed warning about running processes at session-end * fixed warnings/crash when rapidly dragging the filepanes separator * updated default commandbar du-button label to translated form * removed all usage of as-displayed item-names from commands and actions * prevent killing of extension-sort when a filelist is refreshed * made recursive setting of directory permissions work * made name-suggester in mkdir dialog work with non-ascii characters * close file handles after executing a child command * use the user’s default shell, if discoverable, for external commands * sending a command to the last-started child applies to children running in the current tab * always use focused tab data (not the backup copy) for default output printing * place pasted config dialog tree-option items after the selected item or its children * expand all wildcard characters in path(s) entered in the command line * fixed operation of output-pane text activation * fixed backup of cache data when unloading plugins * show directory name when goto trash action is performed * use standard-compliant URI format for DnD data == emelFM2 0.1.7 27/4/2006 == * implement activation of output-pane selected text * added output-pane context menu item to edit pane contents (hence find, save) * added edit dialog context menu item to save selected text * added option to create backup when saving an edited file * added context menu to simple filetypes dialog * added automatic completion of address-line entries * new icons for adding bookmarks to top and bottom of list, saving selected text and editing output pane * revised delete icon * added default bookmark /media * added action file.copy_with_time and associated binding F5 which preserves mtime and atime of copied files (not dirs, links, etc) * added action pane_active. and associated binding m to show bookmarks menu in active pane * added action pane_active. and associated binding t to show filters menu in active pane * added action command.send and associated binding Enter, to send string to last child process * added actions toggle.on and, and converted all toggle buttons to use them * element(s) of strings for filelist name-filtering and (plugin) name-globbing can individually be negated, by a prepended “!” (and “!” can be prepended, to normally handle items beginning with “!”) * enabled using ANY pairs of actions or external commands for toggle buttons * added infrastructure for plugins to have multiple actions, configuration options, and code sharing * updated default pane bar contents to show bookmark icons * added warnings about failed saves of cache or config file * don’t expand wildcards in commands with a “!” (don’t-expand-macros) qualifier * added COMPILE-time mechanism for applying custom keybindings to any widget (e.g dialogs) * reinstated code which enables (undocumented) activation of selected item during type-ahead search * updated fr, de, ja translations * bugfixes * fixed non-posix code in directory compare plugin * fixed tab-completion in command line parameters * reverted 0.1.6 filtering of un-escaped from command strings * don’t try to expand expand * and ? wildcards if command argument begins with $ * don’t change focus when refreshing filelists * ensure proper status-line update when changing acitive pane * always check for overwrites when exporting config data * more reliable choice of what to import in config plugin * appended newline to messages in rename plugin * remove quotes around su parameter in rpm-filetype install command * fixed status line updates when panes have same no. of displayed items but different concealed no. * ignore middle-button click when at root directory * fix looping after left/right then split-panes button * don’t crash if config file is empty * don’t crash after incomplete editing of a new keybinding action-name * don’t crash if try to edit a directory or non-existent file * don’t crash if tab-completion used in an empty command line * don’t crash when clearing output pane during on-going output from a command * don’t crash after setting permissions or ownership * improved approach to setting default action arguments * made config dialog help buttons work again * don’t save values of config dialog tree cells that are being edited when dialog is cancelled * made find plugin work again * enabled upper-case key-bindings (e.g. A instead of a) * made entered commands work when the filesystem name of the directory shown in active pane directory is not utf8/plain-ascii * made directory timestamping work when filesystem name of the directory shown in active pane directory is not utf8/plain-ascii * made DnD work with items whose names are not utf8/plain-ascii * apply changed config parameters to all output tabs * execute target when a link to an executable is activated * fixed “bleed” of font weight between output pane text * made dropdown action lists in config dialog work properly == emelFM2 0.1.6 13/3/2006 == * increased minimum compatible gtk from 2.4 to 2.6 * added plugin for exporting, importing config data * renamed all plugin actions, in particular, those which apply to selected items are now file. (which signals that they apply to selected items) * added window maximise, minimise buttons to view & edit windows * added undo capability to internal editor * added actions file.view_again, file.edit_again and associated keybindings F3, F4 to open file at place it was last open (internal viewer or editor only) * added default keybindings for copy-as F5, move-as F6 * revised default keybindings: Up to Up, space to g, space to space * rename plugin can process selected items as well as entered name pattern * initiate filetype color setting by selecting the relevant config dialog row, instead of the specific color-data cell * find plugin dialog re-opens at its last-accessed notebook page * show filepane context menu even when the pane is empty * show current filters in filter-button tooltip * as a convenience, remove any “” character (unless it’s followed by another one) from command strings * expand * and ? wildcards in command arguments * action-names and external commands can always be used as is (no more prepended “<" or "“) * whitespace between command and argument(s) can be tab(s) as well as space(s) * freedesktop-compliant defaults for config dir, trash dir and temp dir * updated translations * bugfixes * fixed handling of %p macro in commands applied to ‘selected items’ * apply colors to regular files when changed, instead of next session * corrected widget layout in timeset plugin * don’t adjust for daylight saving in timeset plugin * fixed erratic cursor moves in internal editor * made recursive chown work on dirs too * made storing of action names (prefixed by “<") in history lists work (but now such prefix is not needed anyway) * don't translate key-binding key names other than for simple letters * fixed crash when nothing is selected before open-with action * always abort treewalks when an encountered dir cannot be accessed or used as required * corrected order of checks for utf8 filename encoding * corrected encoding conversions during tab-completion * fixed crash when printing error message after clearing output pane == branch prerelease 2006-02-16 == * added german translation * added timeset plugin * added directory comparison plugin * support pause & resume in cpbar, mvbar plugins (between, not within, items) * overhauled rename plugin, now with case-setting and working regex * find plugin buttons remember their state * upgraded glob plugin, with size and date choices too * added file-selection button to plugins config page * support some text-encoding conversions and allow external converter to be used (for input, sofar) * for evaluation purposes, implemented customising text color of any "regular" filettype * for evaluation purposes, implemented output pane tabs * for evaluation purposes, added a "tiny" inernal editor, with config option to use an external replacement * revised find toolbar in view dialog, with incremental searching * changed default trash dir to conform to specification * enabled splitting filepane toolbars when they get too narrow (but layout still poor) * added option to select first item in newly-opened directories * allow Shift and Ctrl context menus with the Menu key * added several default context-menu user-commands: split, join, freespace * also show no. of non-displayed items in status line * swap default keybindings for F3 & F4, then F4 assigned to editor action * support additional macros %p, %P, %$ and variable $$ * when unmounting via the menu, exit the current directory if that being open would block * improved pane2 toolbar layout when swapping between horiz. and vertical filepanes * bugfixes * retain vertical scroll position after removal of selected items * don't change filepane after selecting a bookmark * allow repeated access to help docs via the help dialog * don't clobber space before parameters when substituting an alias * fixed temporary button insensitivity in mkdir dialog * make find plugin work with path or name containing space(s) == patch 2006-01-30 == * support theme-default font for filelists * slicker find toolbar in view dialog * support icon-less dialog buttons * minor config dialog reorganisation * disable hard-coded vi keys and related config option (users can set own bindings) * added actions pane_active.focus, pane_active.goto_top pane_active.goto_bottom possibly needed by key bindings * beep on error * bugfixes * make -t command-line option work * fallback trash dir matches commandline-specified config dir, if any * fix crash when adding a new keybinding * support utf-8 strings in config dialog frame titles (thnx Marcus von Appen) == emelFM2 0.1.5 24/1/2006 == * several icon updates * ignore 'cd ..' when currently at root directory * remember filter settings between sessions * merged search and view dialogs, with searching all keyboard-enabled * bugfixes * make cpbar and mvbar plugins work again * make buttons in 'simple' filetypes config dialog work for all columns * make name filtering work properly with multiple patterns == patch 2006-01-10 == * minor reorganisation of config dialog panes page * display active pane directory in status line * bugfixes * swap active pane when focusing on other-pane filelist after address-line input * focus filelist when clicking an already-selected item * focus current item when windows-right-click initiated * make back-to-back double-clicks work * mostly revert 0.1.4 dialog thread-protection * fix arrow-changes in extension-sort plugin == emelFM2 0.1.4 29/12/2005 == * reduce frequency of access-only filelist updates with inotify fam * bugfixes * make case-change renames work on FAT filesystems * make some broken dialogs run properly == patch 2005-12-28 == * renamed several filepane-related actions, and updated keybindings accordingly * added action: pane_active.toggle_selected, and associated keybinding Shft-Ctrl-Space * show alternate filepane when toggling active pane and only 1 pane is visible * cleanups * bugfixes * log the filelist 'focus row' after _all_ cursor moves * correct app icon name in desktop file * to enable included spaces, quote names and dirs in various filetype commands * make su alias work with space(s) in command * make pack plugin work for items with space(s) in name == emelFM2 0.1.3 18/11/2005 == * fr po file renamed * clearer warning message for overwrite checks on directories * use optimisation- and warning-related compiler options only when CFLAGS not specified in environment or make-command * delete overwritten items after tasks are completed successfully, not before * bugfix * retain permissions of copied directories and their subdirs, and 'special' files == 2005-11-06 patch (against 2005-10-28 prerelease) == * made Return keypress in input-line dialog do the same as an ok-button click * made Alt-Del keypress in input-line dialog clear current line too * default command for zip archives now unzip, not gunzip * added action, and associated keybinding Ctrl-i, to toggle selection state of active pane items * collect fam reports even when filelist refreshing is suspended * expand any %f etc macro in a string entered for input-macro * updated debian files * added some API documentation * don't create irrelevant en_US.po/mo * cleanups * bugfixes * always correctly detect a non-existent file or dir * set initial config timestamp when file is (re)read, not when config dir is located * do nothing if user specifies blank filename in any task that involves itemname input * do nothing if user specifies blank filename in pack plugin * eliminated causes of compiler warnings * added compiler parameter -D_REENTRANT (app. is threaded) == branch prerelease 2005-10-28 == * remember filepanes' sort column and sort order between sessions * added advanced config option to specify icon files directory, and so support 'sets' of icons * e2 icons given 1-pixel outline, non-black where relevant (like Tango spec.) * e2 toolbar/menu icons resized from 48 points to 48 pixels * updated fr & ja translations, ja po file renamed * cleanups * bugfixes: * always show an appropriate config page after conversion to basic config mode * clear cached icon pixbufs at session-end (reduces X memory leakage) * fixed possible failure to initiate directory monitoring with dnotify fam * all fam options include accessibility-checking for displayed dirs == branch prerelease 2005-10-08 == * compile debug-message code only if debugging explicitly enabled * supported file-alteration-monitoring using d/inotify directly, as an alternate to FAM/gamin * added back pre-0.1 support for 'drag-selection' - but with ctrl-key to start * support background copy and move tasks again * added replacement 'simple' filetypes config dialog (the advanced config dialog still has the old form) * small reorganisation of config dialog - columns displayed in filepanes now set respective pane pages * added config options for making relevant pane config-options match those of other pane, in advanced config mode * cleanups - cached selection pointers, file-pane refreshing, string newlines etc * bugfixes: * properly show filesizes for 'large' files * when a displayed dir is a link, change-monitor its target instead (in case gamin gets its act in order ...) * prevent dropping a selection on/into a dir that's part of the selection * abort moves before deleting any dest, if the src is not deletable * translate encoding of any startup dir specified on command line * reliably highlight directory drop-targets * display output pane commands in non-bold font, to workaround font-weight 'leakage' * if a displayed dir becomes inaccessible, open a parent that is accessible * correctly revert inactive-pane header color (thanks D Jensen) * fix occasional blank filelists == emelFM2 0.1.2 14/09/2005 == * added v.2 OOo filetype extensions for writer, calc * a few minor strings tagged for translation * documentation - help docs and API * updated ja translation file * bugfixes: * exclude /dev from unmountable devices menu * pressing return key in dialogs operates the focused button, not the one assigned as "positive" (generally "ok") * remove --overwrite option from tar commands in unpack plugin, for bsd's, darwin * make dnd menu work after middle-button drag * make icon-selection dialog open at correct page * make all stock-icons work (workaround gtk_stock_lookup() bug) == branch prerelease 2005-09-03 == * added non-user-editable signature to each plugin, for checking plugin presence * always load a plugin if its on-menu flag is set * disable instant (idle) updating of changed key bindings * don't convert name encoding if G_FILENAME_ENCODING=@locale * added clear-history Del to default keybindings for command line, dirlines * changed default keybinding for dirlines clear from Insert to Del * added clear-history (Del, again) for input line dialog * added action dirline.focus_toggle, and associated general keybindings 1, 2 * added option to signal active & inactive panes by their sensitivity * experimental support for [u]mount command completion on unix-likes other than linux, freebsd * added mount/unmount menu widget with associated action, commandbar button & icon. * help doc updates * minor string updates * code cleanups * bugfixes: * don’t unregister some plugins’ action during loading * don’t write config file after ‘apply’ in a single-page config dialog * don’t crash when editing any action in a single-page config dialog * ignore _all_ gamin reports after config file (un)monitor command * make [u]mount command completion work when no mountpoint argument is provided * don’t always show strings found via the search dialog at left margin of window * don’t crash when running command in new shell, after optimised compiling by gcc4 * make config dialog open at specific page when so instructed == emelFM2 0.1.1 07/08/2005 == * made edit-filetype dialog smarter * revised defaults for bzip2 filetype (affects config) * renamed pseudo-action to file. (affects config) * removed deprecated actions relating to toolbar display * add action for emptying trash, with associated default binding Del (affects config) * help documents’ names are now advanced config options * removed incomplete version-independence API for plugins * updated translations (fr & ja) * cleanups * bugfixes: * fix double-free arising from config re-ordering in last pre-release * don’t crash after any keypress following reversion to default config settings * properly translate plugin action names * work around strange behaviour of gtk icon-name-lookup function * retain contents of torn-off toolbars * leaks == branch prerelease 2005-07-26 == * enabled cacheing of button/menu/config images by default * Florian updated debian config files * added overwrite check to pack plugin * added rar, arj options to pack plugin * shortened interval between status-line updates * re-ordered config dialog * added document describing e2 actions * determine filesystem encoding at runtime, not buildtime * bugfixes: * add alternatives for functions etc supported only by glibc, so BSD etc can use * conform dnd URI’s to old w3c standard * rebuild window after config option change that affects panes only * make copy-as work for directories * don’t crash when running a command in a new shell, when FILES_UTF8ONLY not in force * make recursive copies, deletes and chmods work better == emelFM2 0.1 04/07/2005 == * added rar, arj support to unpack plugin * customised remove-button in select-image dialog * don’t desensitize main window during find task * added (but not yet enabled) cacheing of pixbufs for button/menu/config images * bugfixes: * make chmod task work on symlinks * updated desktop file and install location == branch prerelease 2005-06-17 == * replace g_utf8_str[r]chr() with non-utf8 counterpart, where ascii-only char is sought * interpret “~” in all relevant strings, not just command strings * support gtk file-selector for choosing a dir – via Tab or button-2 * don’t substitute variables in toolbar-item “argument” field when the bar is constucted (so any such variable eg in a command string can be changed via a config dialog) * find a “valid” replacement directory by walking back up the tree branch from the invalid dir, instead of trying ~ and then / * Japanese translation (thanks to Utumi Hirosi), oldish French translation * bugfixes: * don’t dump & reload config data after config file write * don’t re-create all tree-option data structures after a config dialog (also fixes crash after change, reported by Florian etc) * recreate aliases data if changed in a config dialog * recreate whole window after restoring default config values * don’t force default config when upgrading from 0.0.99 to 0.1 * don’t clobber file-selector name after removing an icon, in select-image dialog * also handle ‘special’ files in backend copy function * always check for treemodel child-iter existence before processing children * open specified default dir(s), if any, at session start * handle startup dir that is not accessible * when ‘windows-right-click’ is in force, deselect other items if the clicked item is not selected already * update cpbar/mvbar plugins ‘progress dialog, and check for ‘stop’, during large items * substituted (un)zip for g(un)zip in unpack plugin * don’t crash after DnD menu * don’t crash when “dropping” a non-existent selection == branch prerelease 2005-05-26 == * changed default build option to “utf-filecoding-only” * updated docs * more cleanup of code, esp. old dialogs code * replaced ‘unrecognised extension’ dialog with something more stylish * updated each filter dialog * converted ‘about’ dialog to a more general help dialog * rationalised usage of search dialog, inlcuding a find-next button * distinguish between ‘basic’ and ‘expert’ config options, and present the config dialog accordingly * more cleanup of translated strings, and include such strings from plugins * as part of the previous item, convert all pane-ratio strings to fractions (eg 100% –>> 1) * reinstated default keybinding for backspace = cd .. * added support for dragging items with left button, to conform with column drags * added support for gtk standard approach to copy/move/ask when dropping * changed environment variable syntax from $(VAR) to $VAR or ${VAR} – the old syntax is a bash command format * support theme-default toolbar icon size and icon style * renamed “toolbar” to “taskbar”, to avoid confusion in help docs * added config dialog tree context menu * made the bookmarks menus more user-friendly, including adding a mark for the pane where the menu is, instead of the active pane always * made each filter button a toggle, to show when any filter is active * made the filters menu more user-friendly * added help button to config dialog tree-option pages * add revert button to config dialog * added stop button to cpbar & mvbar plugins * cpbar & mvbar plugins 20X faster, thanks to use of internal copy, move functions * added banding option for file panes, default off * added check to copy-names plugin, which copies full path of each selected item * conformed order of columns in plugins config page with order in other pages * renamed some actions, for more consistency – esp. the layout items now all have <> * added action file.open_at to support context-specific help (at least) * changed command modifiers – ‘?’ to ‘<' ('?' can start an external command) and '%' to '>‘ (prevent confusion with ‘%’ macro indicator) * removed prefix ‘icon_’ from all icon filenames, and ‘0’ from e2 icon filenames * abandoned upgrading config files (too many changes needed) – just save the old ones and start afresh * added icons for ‘open with’, sort-by-ext plugin, panes switch, filter_off * included build-time option to use gamin for file alteration monitoring * bugfixes: * reconciled all uses of locale-coded filename strings * show default command help if user changes the “help” alias * make keybindings help work again * make bookmarks context menu items work * make alias substitution with 1 or 2 include separating ‘ ‘ * show correct toggle buttons after a toolbar rebuild * utf8 conversion for go-forward, go-back commands * utf8 conversion of strings in several dialogs * make tree context menu item senstivities match corresponding buttons * fix names of some bookmark actions in panebar1 * fix translation of some toolbar action names * make toolbar button style ‘labels only’ work * make double-clicking on “..” lines work * make file viewer wrap lines properly when opened * don’t crash when something deletes the config file * make dragging _from_ nautilus (etc ??) work * properly toggle hidden items in pane 2 * re-initialize toolbar’s space-handler after toolbar rebuild * properly re-create all window elements after a config re-load (still leaks a bit) * don’t un-highlight text found via the search dialog * correct command strings in pack plugin * cpbar & mvbar plugins don’t clobber refresh-ref count when task aborted * fix mvbar hang * make unpack plugin work * ignore ‘ ‘ and ‘t’ characters at the start of action name strings * replace leading ‘~’ with home dir, in entered commands * require ‘/’ afrer leading ‘~’ in dirlines & commandline, before ~ is expanded * use ‘xterm’ instead of ‘$TERM’ in some default command strings – $TERM may not exist or be wrong * info, ownership, permissions dialogs display properties of link instead of those of the link’s target * backport gtk2.6 enumerator for unsorted treeview == branch prerelease 2005-03-27 == * converted all task shell-commands to on-board code * default deletion is now a move to a trash directory * updated command strings for find-file plugin, to: * reduce forking of sub-shells, * increase sensitivity of kB and MB size criteria, * update some options to find v4.2.11 * Now requires ‘sed’ to do some of the work, and mimetype strings are case-sensitive. * upgraded extended-rename plugin, now searches wherever specified, and optionally uses wildcards or regex. * fixed silly output format in du plugin * added support for plugin icons (this clobbers old config files) * added support for automatic importing/upgrading of 0.0.9 ‘old’ config/cache data * all config/cache upgrading moved to plugin, loaded only if needed * reinstated goto-active-row after changing dir to a previously-opened one * re-open config dialog at its last-used size * after cd, delete, permissions change, etc – if displayed dir gone or not x-permitted, goto home dir instead * exposed actions: panes.refreshsuspend, panes.refreshresume, added these to default gz, bzip2 unpack command-strings * removed need for prepended ‘;’ when commands are joined with ‘;’, and adjusted default command strings accordingly * custom toolbar-icon size changed to 48 pts * default toolbar style now just icons * added cached command history to ‘open with’ dialog * config dialog remembers size if bigger than default * show context menu after gtk ‘menu’ signals (normally, menu button-press) * implemented key-binding help with the ‘keys’ command * added a more extensive help document about e2 commands * made default content of shft, ctrl context menus more sensible * cleaned up & added to default filetypes & associated commands * revised a few other default config options * revised default layout & content of pane toolbars * changed default filesize display to right-justified ‘nn,mmm,zzz ….’ * all custom icons converted to svg & re-published, including new default program icon (this one doesn’t remind me of an apple …) * more API doco & function-name conforming * code cleanup – toolbar overflow handling for gtk2.6 * some i18n string updates * bugfixes: * don’t show rest-menu button after a toggle-button is clicked * show correct toggle-button after a pane divider is dragged * eliminate useless upgrade checks at session start * don’t crash when config data has too-few values for a tree option * sort filepanes in correct direction, regardless of other’s direction * prepend “%” to all default filetype commands including pipes * make ctrl/A, ctrl/E, ctrl/W keybindings work * make recursive permissions-changing work more reliably (now relies on ‘find’ & ‘stat’ commands as well as chmod) * make write-permissions test properly check for group/other x permission * make auto-refreshing work during any task initiated from context menu * don’t overwrite plugin config data each time plugins are loaded * prevent crashes in mvbar, cpbar plugins by suspending pane refreshing * (maybe) fix sporadic segfaults after mkdir dialog ‘ok’ button press, and after changing permissions on lots of files * make find task work * command filename completion (thanks Florian) * handling of vi keys j & k == branch prerelease 2005-02-07 == * version no. 0.1.0pre (tooar’s TODO’s for 0.1 are completed) * added pane config option to indicate active pane by bold filename-column header text, for those themes that do not allow re-coloring of background * don’t display file actions in filepane context-menu if nothing is selected in the pane * added prefix “e2p_” to plugin file names and related config data * additions to plugin interface, to better support plugins interacting with each other * added find-files plugin akin to old gtkfind, relies on GNU find, sed, grep and/or file commands * added kill-process fn, for find plugin (etc) * cached columns-data changed from a series of integers to a list * merged relevant trunk changes since 0.0.9 * more API documentation added * cleanups – esp. removed all conditional code related to deprecated clist and toolbar widgets * tweaked screen re-creation, for speed (and maybe a post-config crash bugfix) * bugfixes * don’t crash when editing filetype in context menu, but no file selected * leaks == branch prerelease 2005-01-24 == * UI changes * the first item is not automatically selected in each filelist * the permissions-change dialog supports dirs and/or others when recursive * D Jensen : added config option for displaying date formats according to system locale settings (LC_TIME) * added inter-session cacheing of panes ‘show-hidden’ buttons status * toolbar ‘space handling’ now driven by new process, to work around changed interrupt behaviour in Gtk 2.6.0/1 (at least) – probably works ok for Gtk 2.4.x too see defines GTK24 and GTK26 * abandoned threaded filelists fill/store/select, after moving the initial window display earlier in the startup process * divider positions in paned widgets now set when those widgets created, to minimize redundant content mapping, and to retain the current positions after window re-creation * other tuning of session-start process – eliminate irrelevant callbacks to speedup a bit * function name changes, esp, in e2_window.c – added missing file prefix e.g “e2_window_” * removed conditional code for deprecated widgets * bugfixes * make ‘tasks’ work on links to directories * make overwriting a copied directory really work (instead of nesting) * make ownership & permissions changes repeat properly * make permissions changes recurse properly esp. whan x permission changes * correctly list all relevant alternate owners and groups in the ownership combo boxes * after editing bookmarks, show the changes in the bookmarks sub-menus * at session start, display correct toggle buttons for full/split file panes, and full/nill output pane * make auto filelist content-refreshing work again * re-display active-file-pane indicator (re-colored column headers) after config dialog * re-focus active file-pane after file view task * removed redundant ‘/’ from cpbar & mvbar plugins’ command lines == branch prerelease 2004-11-17 == * added context menu for config dialog tree-option pages, an enhanced version of the one in trunk * converted build-time option for internal control of the color of text in selected lines, to a run-time option, default value ON * revamped plugin API, with initialization devolved to plugins, and some version-independent main-program functions that can be called by any plugin * converted filetypes data structure from list of comma-separated strings to a hash table * bug-fixes, mostly trivial/minor, but notably: much-faster display of directories with a large number of entries, and cancellation of changes to config dialog tree-option pages now works * replaced all but 1 of the deprecated toolbar functions, with consequential code cleanups * merged trunk /src/command/complete files, fixed associated warnings * a few i18n fixes * added build options to makefile.config == branch prerelease 2004-10-30 == * session-start process trimmed and sped up as much as possible (at least, without going to threaded code) * remaining ‘old’ configuration data ported to ‘new’. The only data files now needed are ‘config’ and ‘cache’ * re-vamped various dialogs – configuration, filetypes, plugins, ownership, permissions, file-overwrite come to mind. Some of these are for consistency with new config data storage arrangements * changed a few option defaults (more conservative assumptions about what is available to run), and added option for case-insensitive name sorting * reworked many option labels and tooltips, and the style of presentation of these in the config dialog * added user-friendly menu-entries, and tooltips, for plugins * abandoned pane menubars, in favour of expanded pane toolbar content * re-vamped default toolbars’ contents – icons, labels, layout * added toggle button support to toolbars * provided custom icons for many toolbar & menu items. * deleted supplied png icons < 24x24 or > 32×32 (for a big saving on built code size) * de-sensitized dialog buttons where relevant * tagged nearly all ‘public’ strings for translation via, and in particular, all of the content of the config dialog * picked up some recent trunk changes (where tooar happened to mention them as being significant, in discussions over the last month or so). * updated/replaced all deprecated gtk functions, other than those related to toolbars. In particular, replaced all deprecated clist widgets & related functions with liststores, with consequential changes throughout the codebase * other bugfixes == emelFM2 0.0.10 (unreleased) == * fixed bug with “hide on focus out” output pane option and the output pane context menu * fixed bug where marking the last row in a file pane moved the row selector even further down * color option for devices in file lists fixed * added patch from David to show tooltips for the dir lines and optionally switch to menu mode for the dir line/command line history The following changes all thanks to a patch from Tom * some internal changes to button handling for dialogs * introduced SUPPORT_NON_UTF8_ENCODINGS config variable in Makefile.config (which will later on cause e2 to assume everything is utf8 everywhere) * changed all gint fill packing parameters to gboolean fill * replaced all occurences of “/” or ‘/’ by G_DIR_SEPARATOR[_S] * some cleanup, introduced global E2_PADDING[_something] defines == emelFM2 0.0.9 14/08/2004 == * several minor bug fixes * updated du, mvbar and cpbar plugins thanks to Florian * fixed dialog bug with return/esc key bindings thanks to Florian * more patches from David: the view dialog has a few options now and * the date column is configurable * another patch from David wich supplies a search dialog for the output pane and the view dialog * added command line option -i/–ignore-problems and -f/–fallback-encoding to ignore locale problems if G_BROKEN_FILENAMES is set and the locale configuration is bad (i ripped off most of the code from Daniel Drake’s hackisch workaround) * applied patch from David for the view dialog; it has a wrap button now and uses the same font as the output pane * GDK_DISABLE_DEPRECATED and G_DISABLE_DEPRECATED is set during compile time * changed compile time dependency handling in the Makefile * select image dialog is a gtkfilechooser with preview * fixed bug in the cache system that wrote the locale representation of double values to the file instead of the locale independent representation * added option to focus file pane after opening a bookmark in it * fixed button 2 click on bookmarks * new command line completion system that handles utf8 character and spaces correctly and the is able to complete program names from path * no more configuration upgrade from emelFM, nothing but the filetypes is left * the new format for actions is “parent.child” instead of the former “parent: child”; for a while, both formats will work * the output pane now also works with an “adjust ratio” action instead of show/hide/fullscreen/toggle etc., all old actions have been removed * the action column in tree options has now a tree structure and is sorted * fixed some minor bugs in the mkdir dialog * lots of clean up; the old keybindings and the old action system has been removed and some of the new actions have been renamed * new (chainable) keybindings * fixed bug in old change dir code that would not add a / to the end of the current path string (as result of this, the mkdir dialog didn’t work properly if transparent dir links were not used) * fixed bug that would use both, the original and the alternative emelFM2 icon as window icon * fixed bug in drag & drop code of option tree views and removed one of the silly hacks, seems gtk2.4 fixes some stuff * added .desktop and .applications files to integrate better with desktop environments * fixed toolbar bug in cleanup code * fixed some supermount issues in load_dir_list * added missing include in e2_utils.h for FreeBSD == emelFM2 0.0.8 30/04/2004 == * !!!emelFM2 needs gtk >= 2.4 now!!! * the config dialog has a scrolled window now so you can make it smaller without hassle * gtk warnings are suppressed by default (use -l on command line to see them again) * the command line (and dir line) now uses the new GtkComboBoxEntry * the individual configuration for each line has been replaced by a general configuration for each type again; added an option for dir lines to focus the file panes after activation * clean up: don’t include code we don’t need yet * added “paneX: ” action to open bookmarks in a certain file pane * added new mkdir dialog * added alternative e2 icon thanks to Reboant * added “positive”, “negative” and “unimportant” colors (only used in the output pane and mkdir dialog right now) * fixed minor bug in font size handling in output pane, existing text will be updated to the selected font and font size * preliminary i18n support, Makefile targets i18n, install_i18n and uninstall_i18n have been added NOTE: most strings don’t have the _() tags yet * extended bool options with changed hooks and a general way to create menus from them (will be extended further for other option types) * some minor toolbar icon and separator fixes * fixed bug in focus behaviour, the file panes get focus if you click on them * fixed bug in command line actions when they were recreated * slightly improved the ‘panes: adjust ratio’ action to save the last ratio and give useful value after a startup with a ratio of 0.0 or 1.0 * fixed small output font size in output pane to be relative to the selected output font size * added command line option -r/–run-at-start to run commands immediatly after start * added command line option -s/–set-option to override config file options at startup * fixed “jumping” of GtkPaned sliders at startup * fixed viewer option, it’s now possible again to use the internal viewer dialog * gtk2.4 fixes for some dialogs that would pop up at size 0,0 * fixed bug in command line handling, it’s now possible to set gtk command line options like –g-fatal-warnings, etc. == emelFM2 0.0.7 19/03/2004 == * no more “..” entries for the file system root * the meta action now has the ability to only show parts of the bookmarks by specifying the name of a bookmark item as argument of of the action * changed option use internal viewer to use external viewer * fixed sync action to work on the correct pane * cleanup in switch_panes code/handling * changed command macros %f and %F to not append a space to the last filename * reversed the meaning of ! in option dependencies (i hope i didn’t forget to switch any) * fixed bug with toolbar rest menu that would not give correct arguments to callbacks * added existing dir patch for copy operation thanks to David Jensen * removed old bookmark system * e2 will now by default detach from the terminal (added a command line option ‘-n/–no-detach’) * removed help.txt file, the README has to be sufficient right now * further modularization of pane/command line code * lots of internal changes on change_dir handling * added select all action to select all files in the active file pane * added cache for command line thanks to Florian (the cache will be saved during sessions) * Makefile fix; don’t include -lgnugetopt for FreeBSD > 500041 * added panebars as replacements for former file pane toolbars * fixed symlink callback, removed superfluous quotes * aliases have an option to either stop or continue alias processing after a successful match (upgrade function still missing!) * fixed option design, no need for special options (used for frames) anymore * added special handling for ; in commands; prepending ‘;’ to the beginning of the command allows you to run several e2 commands seperated by ‘;’ * added extra checks for locale to prevent crashes with a not supported locale and G_BROKEN_FILENAMES set * added about dialog * workaround for gtk problems with a paned of size 1 that occured at startup * fixed segfaults when no command line exists == emelFM2 0.0.6 27/02/2004 == * minor Makefile fix, automatically link against gnugetopt on FreeBSD * changed default filetypes for archives to not use an xterm anymore since we can handle this our own * output pane has a context menu for fast option switch thanks to Florian Zähringer * fixed bug in option system to make e2 run on sparc64, too! * added test and test2 targets to Makefile to test e2 with splint and valgrind; there are still lots of problems, but i am working on them! * added some output scroll actions and some more scroll key bindings for the command line (shift+up|down, shift+page_up|down) * better command line history * fixed titles of most old dialogs * fixed segfault in config dialog when using the keyboard to pop up lists from tree options * it is now possible to run file operations in background and display their commands and exit status * better control over auto-scrolling in output pane * each command’s output is “glued” together * a few escape characters work properly now (eg ‘b’) in output pane * some cleanup & renaming; fixed some minor memory leaks * it’s now possible to pop up menus from the toolbar with their mnemonic * toolbars now have a “rest” button with a rest menu attached if not all buttons on the toolbar fit into the available space * file panes are now in a v|h_paned, this required again a change to the toolbar positioning * added alias system based on regexps with 2 modes * new command system: that’s a major change! the whole output/input is done through giochannels which speeds it up noticably; it’s also possible to send data to a child process’ standard input, eg. to answer questions of unzip if you want to overwrite a certain file; (right now you have to use eg “pid:yes” where ‘pid’ is the process id and ‘yes’ the data you want to send to the process) NOTE: by default, commands aren’t run in a shell. thus, if you need redirecting or piping you’ll need to start the command in a shell (eg. sh -c ‘command %f >/dev/null’) * fixed focus bug with auto-update functions of file panes * added window icon thanks to Arnout Lok * fixed bookmark bug when adding a directory with underscores; you need to double __ all underscores in bookmark names to escape them. * fixed ‘symlink as’ callback when both pane directories where the same == emelFM2 0.0.5 23/01/2004 == * added option to set default dialog popup position * dialogs have correct window class/role * removed dist * targets from Makefile, nobody except me will need them * converted documentation files to utf8 so they can be viewed with the internal viewer * fixed gerror bug in view dialog * now, also tooltip and argument columns will get $(ENV_VAR) replaced in tree options * added apply button to config dialog (will only affect new options) * fixed minor bug with size_groups in config dialog * changed toolbar behaviour a bit, the style options will only affect the visible root items of the toolbar, not the menus it may open * added menu icon size and menu show icons options * added make doc target to generate api documentation in html with doxygen * change dir fix, you can cd to ~ or ~/something now * fixed pop down lists of tree options to pop up at the correct place after scrolling has occured and made it behave more gtk-like regarding button-press/release * set toolbar mnemonics also when all buttons have the same size * pango markup is now possible for toolbar and context menu items * < and | are escaped in config file when used for tree options * some cleanup & renaming again * symlink patch from David Jensen relative symlinks are possible (with an option to turn them on/off) * fixed bug with filetypes; it is now possible to run SYSTEM_ commands as file action by using !SYSTEM_ACTION (there’s also !INTERFACE:ACTION) * added missing “open in other” action * added new bookmark system * some minor fixes to the delete function for tree options * fixed some memory leaks in the option system == emelFM2 0.0.4 09/01/2004 == * no automatic refreshs while the file list context menu is poped up * changed default prefix in Makefile.config to /usr/local * icon_up.xpm and icon_down.xpm are not used anymore, we have stock icons for that * some cleanup * the cancel button on the rename dialog now also works when several files are selected * right click on file list switches the pane when clicking on the inactive pane’s free space * changed Makefile to use cvs export when creating new releases * added command line switch -c/–config to change config dir at startup * sizegroup for every config page * moved color options to new option system * up/down buttons for tree options work correctly now for rows with children * fixed -1 and -2 command line switches (for dir selection at startup) * moved type (action) column for tree options to 2nd last place * improved toolbar context menus * commandbar replaces old command line + small toolbar * the view file dialog now also displays files that are already utf8 encoded (this might introduce new problems if a non-utf8 file is false-identified, but the way is cleary towards utf8, so i have no choice) * status bar now shows correct total number of files if the updir entry .. is shown * fixed bug with context menus of toolsbars being very small at the bottom of the screen * fixed bug with transparent dir link handling that occured sometimes if the directory name was only one character == emelFM2 0.0.3 24/11/2003 == * replaced button column by a configurable toolbar * replaced view file dialog (so we finally don’t have to #define GTK_ENABLE_BROKEN anymore!) * tried to fix some memory leaks * improved upgrade functionality a bit * added advanced windows right click behaviour, where it’s not possible to have no row selected * added options to adjust menu popup/popdown delay * transfered some more options to the new option system and added option type int (with spinbuttons in the config dialog) * added option to turn off auto config reloading * fixed bug that placed the command line cursor at the end of the line when deleting chars not from the end * some cleanup * added icon option to context menu (and image select dialog) * fixed up/down buttons for treeview config options * removed superfluous ‘expand right click menu’ option from config dialog * added option to handle links to directories transparently == emelFM2 0.0.2 01/11/2003 == * fixed bug when holding shift or ctrl and double clicking a selected row * added and special file types * added %%f and %%d for actions to have the value pasted without quotes * freely configurable context menus (making the user commands superfluous) (thanks to mrproject for their cell-renderer) * fixed entries in pack and rename_ext plugins * output panel fixes (eg output from unrar should be displayed correctly) * added option to hide .. file list entry * some bad drag’n’drop hacks to stop flickering and choose the correct row and to allow updir on button2 mouse click; besides it is possible to start dragging from the not focused/inactive panel (but it introduces some new problems which will be fixed when the gtkclist is replaced) * the mkdir dialog tries to suggest a directory that doesn’t yet exist * fixed time counters on verbose debug output * added ctrl-w and ctrl-e keybindings to command line entry widget * more output window options (added a output window fullscreen toggle bound to ctrl-e by default) * fixed du plugin for gigabytes * added toggle direction interface systemop (bound to F12 by default) * fixed add/edit keybinding dialogs * panes vertical option removed, added panes horizontal option to new option system * changes BIN_DIR default to $PREFIX/bin, only on debian systems set it to $PREFIX/X11R6/bin * reenabled button column scrollbars (and added an option for it) * began adding new option system (~/.emelfm2/config is the file for it) * fixed segfault when pressing cancel on the add user command dialog == emelFM2 0.0.1 06/09/2003 == * easy config upgrade from emelfm * changed column order * fixed clist color and font problems * changed app.output_text from GtkText to GtkTextView * added missing gdk_threads_init () call * refactored some dialog code * added some missing STR2UTF conversions * added basic command line argument handling * added panels_vertical option * port to gtk2, broke many things (see TODO file for a list of some of them) == emelFM 0.9.2 == * Fixed more key binding issues (hopefully everything is fixed now) * French language translation added (Thanks to Aurelien Gateau) * Czech language translation added (Thanks to Vaclav Dvorak) * Added update detection functionality to alert the user to changes when they first run a new version of emelFM. * Added the Drag highlight color to the config dialog * Fixed bug causing emelFM to always open the output window on startup * The Unpack plugin now changes back to the directory the package is in when you leave the .emelfm-unpack directory. * Fixed bug causing emelFM to hang when you use the window manager to close the config dialog * Added Up/Down icons to config pages == emelFM 0.9.1 == * Fixed Key binding functionality with Num Lock turned on * Added “Unpack” Plugin that unpacks an archive into a temp directory. Once you leave that directory, the plugin asks if you want to rebuild the package. This approximates the “archives as directories” feature that many people have asked for. * Added a special menu for executable files with options: “Execute”, “Execute with args”, “Execute in xterm” and “Execute in xterm with args”. * Added a few default filetypes for archives to use the new Unpack Plugin * Cursor now changes into a watch during operations * Fixed zip functionality in “Pack” Plugin * Added “Go Home” Interface callback for key bindings == emelFM 0.9.0 == * Key Bindings are fully configurable (Oh Happy Day!!!) * Appending an ‘&’ to actions will cause emelFM to discard the output now * Got rid of the “Capture Output” option for toolbars (since i made the above change) * Fixed a bug when renaming multiple files * Fixed (hopefully) problems with config file conflicts when running more than one instance of emelFM * Added View Plugin that calls the emelFM View function, this is useful for associating with a filetype for text files. == emelFM 0.8.2 == * Fixed a crash when creating new file types. * Fixed bug in removing bookmarks * Fixed bug that caused plugins to sometimes disable auto-refresh * Added up/down buttons to pages in the config dialogs (you can still drag & drop, but buttons are more obvious) * Now captures the output when you double click executables and on filetype actions. This leads to lots of extra “end-of-output” messages in the output window. * Now selects the new directory after a MkDir and Rename == emelFM 0.8.1 == * Fixed problem with cancel’ing out of the config dialog causing emelFM to hang * Added “Disk Usage” plugin * Right clicking the output window will close it. * Fixed the view dialog for when an output font isn’t selected == emelFM 0.8.0 == * Added a Plugin system. * Added Show/Hide hidden files toggle button (by Aurelien Gateau) * Filetype Actions are now Name’able (by Aurelien Gateau) * Added option for “Windows Right Click Behavior”. This just selects a file when you right click on it. (by Aurelien Gateau) * Internationalization added (Thanks to Konstantin Volckov) * Russian localization added (Thanks to Konstantin Volckov) also * emelFM now remembers what was selected in the other pane when you switch (added the %F macro which takes advantage of this) * Fixed problems with emelFM getting hung when you run commands from the command line and they try to read from stdin (this was embarassingly easy to fix) * Added Scrollbar position configuration (Under Interface tab in config) * Enabled configuration of startup directory for left and right panes individually * Fixed “Copy to Clipboard” crash * Fixed config dialog crash * Replaced calls to gtk_grab_add/remove with set_sensitive calls * Interface tweaks == 0.7.2 == * Fixed SERIOUS bug with auto_refresh handling and Config File reloading. Thanks to Paul Evans (again :) for submitting the bug report. * Added mount/unmount operations to the directory popup menu * While at the command line, PageUp/PageDown will scroll the output window * Replaced all strdup/free calls with g_strdup/g_free == 0.7.1 == * Main Window buttons are now configurable * Prefixing an action with an ‘su’ will open an xterm and su to root to execute that action * File List and Output Text Fonts are now configurable * Changed the behaviour for unknown extensions. Now you are prompted with a number of options to choose from. * Right clicking the ‘<','>‘ buttons will change the inactive directories * Added a “Open in Other Pane” option to the Right Click menu for directories * Fixed Drag & Drop.. Now it *really* works with other apps * Now the tag shortcut will tag all selected files. * Added shortcuts Ctrl-, and Ctrl-. to maximize/minimize the left and right file views respectively * Now the status bar is updated by a timeout function. * Added “Copy to clipboard” function to the “Special” menu. * Added “Invert” option to Glob Select dialog * Fixed a problem with Copy hanging due to ‘cp’ prompting for input. Thanks to Paul Evans for submitting the bug report. * Changed “Copy Here” function to “Clone”. This just sounds much better. * Fixed lots of focus issues that were starting to annoy me == 0.7.0 == * Added Fn Key configurability, You can configure them to perform system operations, or custom commands similair to “User Commands” * Added “Find” Shortcut Ctrl+F (or ‘/’ if Vi Keys is on). * Added “Maximize/Minimize File View” Button.. the ‘>’ button next to the directory field * Added “Auto Refresh” capability.. you can disable it if you want * Added “Sort By Ext.” function to the special function menu * Now you can drag and drop between different instances of emelFM and some other Gtk+ Filemanagers like gmc. * Right Clicking the “Up Dir” button will now change to the Home directory * Modified the Right-click menu to include the “User” and “Special” submenus. “Properties” and “Operations” are also submenus by default now.. to have them expanded check “Expanded Right-Click menu” from General – Page 2 of the config dialog. * Now you can navigate the filelist using Vi style keys (hjkl). Select “Use Vi Keys” from General – Page 2 of the config dialog. * Now emelFM remembers the width of the columns in the File List * Typing ‘clear’ at the command line will clear the output text area * Added an “Apply to all files” option to the “Rename substring” function * You can now use the % macros with the “Open With..” Dialog * Changed a lot of things internally.. let me know if something doesn’t work == 0.6.4 == * Toolbar buttons are now configurable. * You can now reorder User Commands, Filetypes, and Toolbar buttons from the config dialog via drag and drop * Added “For Each” function to the special menu (Shift+Right Click), to execute a command on each selected file instead of passing all of the selected filename’s to one command * Removed the “Glob Copy” and “Glob Move” functions. They only saved one click. * Escape will now cancel dialogs * Typing ‘help’ at the command line will now give a list of the keyboard shortcuts * Fixed some overwrite confirmation issues. * Added Ctrl+T shortcut to tag files. Right now there is no way to tag files with the mouse, but multiple selection is possible with Ctrl+Left Click * Patch submitted by Francois Petitjean fixed some compile time warnings on Solaris 2.5. Thanks! * Added sort arrows to the column buttons * Prefixing an action for a filetype with an ‘x’ will open an xterm to execute that action just as it does for the command line. This just saves you from typing ‘xterm -e sh -c “action”‘. This also works for user commands, toolbar buttons, and just about anywhere else you can type a command. * Added Ctrl+W shortcut to open and close the output window == 0.6.3 == * Added a user-defined commands menu which is activated with Ctrl+Right Click. I feel this is a better option than user-defined buttons (esp. since it means i don’t have to go muck around with the button code :) * Now the macros for Filetype actions are the same as those for user commands. eg. %D = the inactive directory etc.. This allows you to add an action to untar a tarball into the inactive directory (let me know if you have any other uses for this). * Changed the way the confirmation dialogs work internally so that they now work with drag and drop also. * Removed the “Browse” menu option. I couldn’t think of anything that would make it useful and I eventually forgot that it was even there so.. * Fixed problem that was causing a compile-time error on Solaris 2.6. Thanks Maksim. * Drag and Drop is now aided by highlighting the active row. Also fixed a problem that wouldn’t let you copy to a dir if it was the last entry in the list == 0.6.2 == * Fixed lots of crashes * Added Drag and Drop capabilities. Drag and Drop is initiated with the middle mouse button. When you release the button, a menu will popup asking what operation (copy/move/symlink) you want to perform. * Added a special function menu which is activated with Shift+Right Click. The menu includes Glob operations and some other convenience functions. * Prefixing an ‘x’ to a command on the command line will open an xterm to execute the rest of the command. For example ‘x man fopen’ will open an xterm with the manpage for fopen. * Typing a ‘cd’ command now changes the current directory * Status bar now shows number of files selected/total files * Added ‘X’ toolbar button to open an xterm * Added FULL tab completion support for command line == 0.6.1 == * You can now invoke emelFM with ’emelfm ‘ to start with specific directories * Added Timeout function to poll the config files.. now its safe to run multiple emelFM’s at the same time and the config files will stay in sync * Added shortcuts to the filelist menus * Added Ctrl+Z shortcut to switch focus between filelist and command line * Added Ctrl+H shortcut to switch focus to the directory entry * Added “Invert” option to the filename filter dialog * Added “Edit Bookmarks” option to bookmarks menu * Added du,df, and free buttons * Moved “Filter Directories” option to the “Filter” menu * Tab completion for the command line (for current directory only) * Filter menu now turns red when active == 0.6.0 == * Initial Release