.” Hey, EMACS: -*- nroff -*- .” First parameter, NAME, should be all caps .” Second parameter, SECTION, should be 1-8, maybe w/ subsection .” other parameters are allowed: see man(7), man(1) .” Please adjust this date whenever revising the manpage. .” .” Some roff macros, for reference: .” .nh disable hyphenation .” .hy enable hyphenation .” .ad l left justify .” .ad b justify to both left and right margins .” .nf disable filling .” .fi enable filling .” .br insert line break .” .sp insert n+1 empty lines .” for manpage-specific macros, see man(7) .TH “EMELFM2” “1” “0.3.3” “Liviu” “” .SH “NAME” emelFM2 .SH “SYNOPSIS” .B a GTK+2 file manager .SH “DESCRIPTION” emelFM2 is a file manager for UNIX-like operating systems. It uses a simple and efficient interface pioneered by Norton Commander in the 1980’s. The main window is divided into three “panes” or “panels”. Two of them show information about the contents of selected filesystem directories. That information is presented as text. The third pane shows the output of commands executed within the program. A built-in command-line, toolbar buttons or assigned keys can be used to initiate commands. A flexible filetyping mechanism provides user-determined actions for desired filetypes. .SH “COMMAND LINE OPTIONS” .TP fB-1fR,fB–onefR=fI DIRfR At session-start, show DIR in the first filelist pane. .TP fB-2fR,fB–twofR=fI DIRfR At session-start, show DIR in the second filelist pane. .TP fB-cfR,fB–configfR=fI DIRfR Set the configuration-data directory to DIR (default: ~/.config/emelfm2). .TP fB-efR,fB–encodingfR=fI TYPEfR Set the filesystem character encoding to TYPE. .TP fB-ffR,fB–fallback-encoding=fI TYPEfR Set the fallback encoding to TYPE (default: ISO-8859-1). .TP fB-ifR,fB–ignore-problemsfR Ignore the encoding/locale problems (use at your own risk!). .TP fB-lfR,fB–log-allfR Maximise GTK+2 error logging. .TP fB-mfR,fB–daemonfR Detach the emelFM2 session from its controlling terminal. Will not work when emelFM2 is compiled with debug support. .TP fB-rfR,fB–run-atfR-startfRfR=fI COMMANDfR Run COMMAND immediately after session start. .TP fB-sfR,fB–set-option OPTION_NAME=string-valuefR Set one-line config option. “OPTION_NAME=string-value” is a string in the format used in the config file. .TP fB-tfR,fB–trashfR=fI DIRfR Set the trash directory to DIR (default: ~/.local/share/Trash/files). .PP Help options: .TP fB-hfR,fB–helpfR Display a brief help message. .TP fB-ufR,fB–usagefR Display a brief usage message. .TP fB-vfR,fB–versionfR Display the version and build information. .PP These only work when emelFM2 is compiled with debug support: .TP fB-dfR,fB–debugfR=fI NfR Set the debug level. N = digit from 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest). Default is 5. .TP fB-xfR,fB–verbosefR Display time and location information in debug messages. Only works when emelFM2 is compiled with debug support. .SH “FILES AND DIRECTORIES” .TP .I [PREFIX]/bin Location for the emelFM2 binary. Default PREFIX is /usr/local, which may be modified at compilation time. .TP .I [PREFIX]/lib/emelfm2/plugins Default location for emelFM2 plugin files, named like e2p*.so. .TP .I [PREFIX]/share/doc/emelfm2 Default documentation files’ location. .TP .I [PREFIX]/share/pixmaps/emelfm2 Default location of application-specific icon files. .TP .I ~/.config/emelfm2 Default location for configuration files, named “config” and “cache”. .TP .I ~/.local/share/Trash/files Default trash directory. .SH “ENVIRONMENT VARIABLES” These are directly used: .TP .I G_BROKEN_FILENAMES, G_FILENAME_ENCODING, HOSTNAME, LC_ALL, LC_MESSAGES, LANGUAGE or LANG, PATH .PP .SH “SUGGESTIONS AND BUG REPORTS” Please send bug reports, comments or feature requests to the mailing list . You do not need to be a subscriber. .br For known bugs refer to https://emelfm2.net/TODO. .SH “CREDITS” The original emelFM was essentially a compilation of some of the features that Michael Clark found most useful in other file managers. The current maintainer of emelFM2 is tooar. For a complete list of contributors please refer to [PREFIX]/share/doc/emelfm2/CREDITS. .SH “COPYRIGHT” Copyright (C) 2003-2007, tooar . .br This program is licensed under the terms of the FSF General Public License and comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. .SH “SEE ALSO” emelFM2 https://emelfm2.net .br User Guide https://emelfm2.net/UserGuide .br updated emelFM http://www.havens.de/elm/emelfm.html .br old emelFM http://www.pitt.edu/~macst92/emelFM/ or .br http://emelFM.sourceforge.net/ .PP