= Steps to Add a New Wiki Page = [[TracGuideToc]] 1. Choose a name for your new page. See WikiPageNames for naming conventions. 2. Edit an existing page (or any other resources that support WikiFormatting and add a [TracLinks link] to your new page. Save your changes. 3. Follow the link you created to take you to the new page. Trac will display a “describe !PageName here” message. 4. Click the “Edit this page” button to edit and add content to your new page. Save your changes. 5. All done. Your new page is published. You can skip the second step by entering the CamelCase name of the page in the quick-search field at the top of the page. But note that the page will effectively be “orphaned” unless you link to it from somewhere else. —- See also: TracWiki, PageTemplates, WikiFormatting, TracLinks, WikiDeletePage